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Hi, I'm Nancy

I am a certified Pilates Teacher with 13 years of experience

I began my Pilates journey almost 20 years ago having been gifted a private Pilates session after the birth of my second child while living in London.  Although we moved to Hong Kong not long after that, I continued with my practice as an advanced student which led me to the renowned Polestar Pilates certification program. I received my first few certifications from Polestar, including mat, advanced mat with props, and studio in 2010, while apprenticing and ultimately teaching for Hong Kong’s premier Pilates studio, Flex HK. Additionally, I received my most current studio certification from the esteemed Balanced Body Pilates program in 2018, studying with Master trainer Ann Toran in NYC. To this day, almost 20 years later, I practice Pilates almost every day and have the privilege of sharing the tremendous benefits of the practice with both my sons, ages 22 and 18, throughout their sports careers in high school and now college. I believe functional movement is the key to keeping a healthy, balanced body as we age and Pilates most definitely provides the foundation for achieving this. I continue to study anatomy, movement principles and emerging topics in the Pilates world through various continuing education workshops every year.  In addition to Pilates, I ski, hike, dance, and frequently use resistance training to stay fit and injury-free.  

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